EU Backs Africa’s Call for Fair, Permanent Seats in the UNSC.

2 Mons Ago 365
EU Backs Africa’s Call for Fair, Permanent Seats in the UNSC.

The European Union's delegate to the African Union delivered a resounding message to EPA emphasizing the importance of Africa's comprehensive representation in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and other multilateral forums. Ambassador Javier Nino Perez articulated that such a move not only benefits the African Union (AU) but also aligns with the interests of the EU.

Highlighting the significance of Africa's enhanced presence in international forums, Ambassador Perez underscored the collaborative efforts between the AU and its sister organizations. He emphasized the imperative for Africa to initiate dialogues with the five permanent members of the UNSC and the broader international community to reform the security architecture effectively.

Reflecting on past achievements, the Ambassador recalled the robust support extended by the European bloc towards the AU's accession to the G20. He emphasized the constructive dialogues held with non-European G20 members, which paved the way for Africa's inclusion in this prestigious global platform.

Shifting the focus to demographic trends, Ambassador Perez acknowledged the demographic challenges facing the EU, noting that many member states view migration as a positive phenomenon. He underlined the symbiotic relationship between Europe's aging population and Africa's youthful demographic, recognizing the potential for mutual benefit and collaboration.

Furthermore, the Ambassador outlined a comprehensive approach aimed at integration, protection, settlement, and development between the two blocs. He emphasized the EU's commitment to addressing the root causes of African migration by creating conducive conditions for Africans to thrive in their home countries.

Addressing prevalent misconceptions, Ambassador Perez reiterated that data indicates a positive impact of migration on European societies, with no significant correlation between migrant populations and insecurity levels.

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