Ethiopia Says It Achieved Diplomatic Gains Over the Last Six Years

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Ethiopia Says It Achieved Diplomatic Gains Over the Last Six Years

Ethiopia has made significant gains over the past six years of diplomatic engagement, according to the country’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The press briefing given Thursday by the Spokesperson of the Ministry, Nebiyu Tedla, focused on the achievements in foreign relations and diplomacy carried out the last six years and planned diplomatic activities this week.

Ushering in economic reforms, opening up fields that were closed to foreign companies and most importantly, the work done to ensure food sovereignty as an example were mentioned at the briefing.

He detailed the diplomatic achievement made for Ethiopia to become a BRICS member and said that the national effort to create a climate resilient economy has been done to gain international recognition with the help of green diplomacy.

Nebiyu also said Ethiopia’s signing of the Pretoria Peace Agreement and adherence to it has proven Ethiopia’s strong desire for peace through its tireless efforts to solve African problems within an African framework.

He said that Ethiopia is one of the leading countries that are raising voices for Africa to have a permanent seat in the Security Council by strengthening its participation in the multilateral institutions of which it is a founder.

He further told media about the successful operations have been carried out that have made it possible for Ethiopia to protect its national interests by maintaining existing relations, opening new chapters of cooperation, and through diaspora and citizen-oriented diplomacy.

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