14 Tanzanian Women Become Agents of Peace

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14 Tanzanian Women Become Agents of Peace


14 Tanzanian women have become agents of peace after graduating from a global peace education training program.

The peace agents have graduated from the Peace Lecturer Training Education (PLTE) program which is under the International Women's Peace Group (IWPG) Tanzania branch.

The graduation has brought a new chapter for these women as they become equipped to spread peace education within their communities.

Trainees gain the knowledge and skills to educate others on the importance of peacebuilding, starting from the individual and expanding outwards.

IWPG Regional Director, Seo-yeon Lee and PLTE Peace Lecturer, Adela Temu, emphasized during the graduation ceremony the crucial role women play in achieving lasting peace.

The IWPG is a UN-recognized NGO dedicated to fostering a culture of peace worldwide. This international organization, with over 110 branches and 660 affiliated organizations, actively promotes peace education, women's networks, and advocacy for peacebuilding initiatives.

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