PMs Pledge to Strengthen Diplomatic Ties Between Ethiopia, Kenya.

1 Mon Ago
PMs Pledge to Strengthen Diplomatic Ties Between Ethiopia, Kenya.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.) embarked on a journey alongside First Lady Zinash Tayachew, venturing into Nairobi on a Tuesday afternoon for a two-day state visit. Their itinerary included a significant bilateral discussion hosted at the State House Kenya, where President William S. Ruto warmly welcomed them.

Upon their arrival, Prime Minister Abiy and President Ruto, ventured into the vibrant landscape of Nairobi, gracing an innovative ICT park together, symbolizing a stride towards technological advancement and cooperation between their nations.

In a testament to the depth of their engagement, both leaders, accompanied by their delegations, immersed themselves in exhaustive deliberations covering a spectrum of subjects ranging from bilateral intricacies to regional dynamics and multilateral endeavors. The Office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia emphasized the resonance of their discussions, underlining the historical ties and economic interdependencies between Ethiopia and Kenya, with a pledge to fortify their collaboration.

This rendezvous echoes a watershed moment in the trajectory of diplomatic and economic relations, heralding a future characterized by heightened synergy and mutual prosperity for Ethiopia and Kenya.

Prime Minister Abiy took to social media to express heartfelt appreciation to President William Ruto for his generous hospitality and the enriching exchange of ideas during their deliberations. Emphasizing the unity of vision and shared destiny between their nations, Prime Minister Abiy reiterated their unwavering commitment to collective progress and collaboration.

President Ruto echoed similar sentiments on social media, underscoring the enduring foundation of prosperity and stability that characterizes the longstanding relations between Kenya and Ethiopia.

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