PM Abiy Forges Fruitful Diplomatic Engagement in Austria, Czech Republic, UAE

6 Mons Ago
PM Abiy Forges Fruitful Diplomatic Engagement in Austria, Czech Republic, UAE


Press Secretary of Office of the Prime Minister, Billene Seyoum, indicated the premier’s presence in Austria, Vienna was for two reasons. One was to attend UNIDO’S 20th General Conference and the other is to unveil Ethiopia’s green growth strategy.

In this respect, a short video which depicts Ethiopia’s boundless potential of untapped natural resources, manufacturing capabilities, exponential industrial growth, digital innovations, expanded telecommunication and other vital infrastructure development sectors and the tourism potential among others was featured for the dignitaries.

At that venue, UNIDO’s Director General Gerd Muller lauded Ethiopia’s achievements so far; particularly its ability to produce historic three folds wheat and exporting to neighboring countries.

This was acclaimed by UNIDO’s Director General “The solutions for development problems do indeed exist: we just need to get up, get together, and act to make them reality. All that is missing is the political will to finally act decisively. And that is what we must join together to demand. UNIDO will continue to push the fact that industry is far from being part of the problem. No indeed, industry is central to the solutions!”

Ethiopia’s move for development is worth commending; 7% economic growth can happen. What it requires is certain important decisions; access to international financial institutions and substantial investment; he cited.

Separately, Abiy also held discussion on bilateral relations, economic opportunities, and regional developments with chancellor of Austria Karl Nehammer to further it to the higher level.

Ethiopia’s premier next state visit was the Czech Republic and he met Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Petr Fiala and engaged in discussions on bilateral issues to further strengthen the strategic bilateral ties and cooperation of Czech-Ethiopia in terms of development and investment.

Billene highlighted their discussions also addressed strengthening cooperation between the two countries in the areas of tourism, agriculture, capacity building in defense and other vital sectors.

Taking part in the COP28 in Dubai, UAE, premier Abiy called for a collective global action to step up a climate agenda.

Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Pavilion at COP28 in Dubai was staged to exhibit Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative which was visited by leaders of various countries and participants of the conference.

Billene recalled that Prime Minister Abiy held bilateral discussions with leaders of several countries during his stay in Dubai.






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