Ethiopia: PM Abiy Cements Country’s Ties with Multitude of States, Global Bodies

6 Mons Ago
Ethiopia: PM Abiy Cements Country’s Ties with Multitude of States, Global Bodies


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's working visits to various states and participation in several international conferences has had impacts on cementing the country’s ties with multitude of states, said Government Communication Services.

Leges explained that the Premier conducted an official visit to the Czech Republic and attended the UN Industrial Development Organization Summit when he was in Vienna, Austria. and the 28th Climate Change Summit in Dubai, UAE.  

The Minister of Government Communication Services, Legese Tulu (PhD) recalled that the Vienna Industrial Development Conference featured presentations on the effective strategies of numerous nations, including Ethiopia, and offered guidance on how to guarantee equitable and sustainable industrial development.

The minister also stated how, during the last five years, Ethiopia has received recognition for its numerous accomplishments in integrated agriculture and local economic development, including structural and sectoral reforms.

“Due to the climate catastrophe, wealthy nations should view aiding developing nations as a duty rather than a gift. Ethiopia is already making outstanding outcomes from Lemat's Legacy and Green Legacy, as well as the production of wheat and fruits and vegetables. In this sense countries like Ethiopia that have accomplished remarkable development endeavors should be supported for furthering the matter,” PM Abiy stated.

Thousands of people, including heads of state, visited Ethiopia's Green Legacy experience at Meccan Rayi in Dubai. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's visit and the Assembly's participation enhanced Ethiopia's reputation and dignity, according to Legese.

Whilst, the minister emphasized that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited the country's manufacturing and historical sectors and had extensive meetings with a variety of Czech investors while on a side trip to the Czech Republic.

Legese told ENA that mining, tourism, manufacturing, digital economy, and agriculture are the areas where the two nations have agreed to work together.


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