Ethiopia: Ready to Mutually Gain from Ensuring Access to the Sea

2 Mons Ago
Ethiopia: Ready to Mutually Gain from Ensuring Access to the Sea

Ethiopia expressed keenness to ensure access to the sea for shared regional development.

The news was heard from the country’s Finance Minister, Ahmed Shide, who took part in a High-level Meeting of the Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs) on "Addressing unique climate vulnerability of LLDCs through partnerships" seeks to spotlight the urgent and specific challenges faced by landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) in the realm of climate change in Dubai, UAE.

The minister who represented Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, reaffirmed Ethiopia’s readiness to cooperate and develop together with countries in the region.  

The 32 LLDCs confront heightened exposure to climate-related disasters, water stress, and economic vulnerabilities. Their structural limitations, combined with geographical and climatic constraints, make them disproportionately susceptible to the adverse impacts of climate change.

By the same taken, Ethiopia’s Ahmed Shide noted the state’s position that his country like any landlocked countries are in double jeopardy from the challenges they face on developing their own ports and tackling the devastating effects of climate change, Ahmed added.

The Minister said Ethiopia has confirmed her readiness to cooperate with concerned landlocked and other developing countries in the region on matters related to mutual development and access to sea.

The Minister of Finance remarked that Ethiopia was able to aware the participants of the conference the fact that Ethiopia has huge economy. But lack of access to its own sea has posed a greater challenge that needs to be supported by partner countries and other countries across the world.

He noted in this regard that Ethiopia has strong desire to work in collaboration with countries in the region and international development partners on matters of access to sea.

Ahmed said that Ethiopia is ready and willing to cooperate with countries in the region and other international development partners in the spirit of good neighborliness on issues related to ownership and access to port services.

Ethiopia’s access to Port of Djibouti is a good example of such cooperation, the minister added.

He added that countries in the region need to consider Ethiopia’s firm stand on cooperating with these countries for mutual and sustained development.

The challenge of increased foreign debt is far more pronounced on those countries which are landlocked and this deserves due attention by all concerned, the Minister added.

Ahmed also said that Ethiopia had the opportunity at the conference to deliberate on the contributions that the country is making in promoting and developing renewable energy resources for the neighboring countries and that this contribution will further be enhanced upon the completion of GERD.

He also recalled that the participants of the Conference have resolved to connect their efforts on issues of acquisition to port services by establishing a Think Tank facility.

The high-level side event at UN climate Change Conference COP28 deliberated on the impacts of climate challenges faced by LLDCs and identified their needs to adapt and mitigate the impacts.

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