Angola Blessed With Numerous Untapped Potentialities, Says Ambassador

2 Mons Ago
Angola Blessed With Numerous Untapped Potentialities, Says Ambassador


Angolan community here in Addis, along with friends of the state and the people, have marked the 48th anniversary of national Independence Day of the republic of Angola.

The event was launched on Monday with a lecture themed "Opportunities for Foreign Investment in Angola.”

Speaking on the occasion Angolan Ambassador to Ethiopia Miguel César Domingos Bembe stressed that republic of Angola is blessed with numerous untapped potentialities.  

"The republic of Angola is a country blessed with numerous potentialities, namely, its strategic location; an enterprising and resilient young population; excellent internal market; water, maritime and mineral resources; arable land; renewable energy; tourism, as well as information and communication technology." said the ambassador.

Angolan government guarantees the maintenance of political stability and the normal functions of institutions, promotes the simplification of administrative procedures, the strengthening of legal systems taking into account its impact on the process of sustainable economic growth and on investor confidence, he said.

Angola Independence Day is celebrated on November 11. The country achieved independence from the Portuguese after a war that lasted over 13 years, which is known as the Angolan War of Independence.

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