Haile Gebreselassie:  Synonym for Stamina, Endurance

6 Mons Ago 895
Haile Gebreselassie:  Synonym for Stamina, Endurance


A man who retrieved his true calling from his early age, athlete Haile Gebreselassie, sky rocketed into fame after his super extraordinary performance he showcased in all his athletic appearances. 

He outperformed many of his contemporaries, collected series of medals and got the substantial returns for all his hard works eventually. He has a name shot high never to be lowered, stamina and endurance are what come to our mind, when we think of such a giant athlete.

His love to his home Ethiopia is genuine and practically proven, every time he won any race, he grabbed his flag, lost in euphoria, turned emotional which only tears could spell out.

In fact, his latent talent was mushroomed later; he did not have the knowhow which fate his foot to take to, though his inner self was sure of his successful career of athletics.

His Subconscious mind knew the beautiful life he would claim after he ticked off all the hard works he got along, all the way from rural Ethiopia to Paris-London-Sydney ….you name it.

Long story short. The supra-athlete joined planet earth in 1966, in a small-town Asella, hundreds of miles away from Addis Ababa. He grew up there being told tales about Abebe Bikilla and Miruts Yifter, two his role models.

Every day to and from school he used to run, and also it was his ritual to slip as he was instructed to buy something from nearby shops. Unknowingly, his dream of becoming one of the most saluted athletes started off, paving the way for Haile to become one of the world's all time best athlete.

What he did in Sydney changed his passage for and for once. His father got surprised by what his son did in front of the world. All along the way he well proved his extraordinary gift of stamina and endurance He became a champion in four consecutive athletics, both in five and ten-thousand meters.