Speaker of HPR: Ethiopia Commits to Find ‘African Solutions to African Problems’

3 Mons Ago
Speaker of HPR: Ethiopia Commits to Find ‘African Solutions to African Problems’


Ethiopia is committed to ingrain the principle of African solutions to African problems, says the Speaker of the House of Peoples Representatives (HPR).

The speaker, Tagesse Chafo, said the remark as the Pan African MPs and standing committees opened Monday a joint summit in Addis.  

Recalling Ethiopia’s commitment to the establishment of the African   Union, then Organization of African Unity, the speaker reaffirmed Ethiopia’s strong stance and will   to   frame African solutions for African problems.

Noting the value parliamentary diplomacy has to resolve common challenges, Tagesse urged the attendees to strengthen Pan African Parliament since it is a key for alleviating problems Africa is now facing.

Africa is the cradle of mankind, home to ancient civilization and known for untapped natural resources, the speaker said, remarking their potential to lift Africa up if employed wisely.

Acting President of Pan African Parliament, Ashebir Weldegiworgis (PhD) also called for further efforts to contain the ever-increasing human trafficking, whose complication, he says is threatening the region.

In the next four days, the session will discuss priority issues to the continent including human trafficking, according to resources from the House.

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