Seaport Demand is Matter of Existence for Ethiopia: MPs

3 Mons Ago
Seaport Demand is Matter of Existence for Ethiopia: MPs


Ethiopia’s demand for a seaport and, of course, its appeal for alternative waterways, both of which emanated from its genuine lust for existence, has no hidden motives, members of parliaments say.

The country is almost denied access to direct coastlines and water lanes, and is paying huge sacrifices; it is close to several ports, though, according to members of the House.

In his latest remark about Ethiopia’s call for a sea outlet, PM Abiy   once again reaffirmed that Ethiopia sought no free lunch, rather offered shares in exchange for ports it could secure from coastal areas.

Many regretfully recalled that Ethiopia had two ports, which were later suspended and lost contact with Ethiopia with the birth of Eritrea- once Ethiopia’s province.

"Reclaiming direct access to the harbor is a matter of life and death members of the parliament,” told ENA.  

MP Teshome Walle, said that PM Abiy Ahmed’s call concerns the entire nation and seeks collective efforts, for that matter.

“If secured, it would alleviate problems Ethiopia is facing right now, and would deter potential threats and could also play roles for regional integration.”

“How could Ethiopia’s request for a Seagate be wrong while other distant nations’ scrambling over the Red Sea is right?” PM Abiy  Ahmed wondered.

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