Alex de Waal Renews Attempt to Trigger War in Horn of Africa

3 Mons Ago
Alex de Waal Renews Attempt to Trigger War in Horn of Africa


With an irreverent piece to the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea, Alex de Waal expresses his covert attempt of warmongering between the two states as he heedlessly writes as if Ethiopia is preparing for war with Eritrea.

Alex de Waal who is the executive director of the World Peace Foundation at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University in the US wrote an unfounded allegation against Ethiopia on BBC Africa stream.

He in deed was recurrently showing his acute anti-Ethiopian sentiments during the conflict between the TPLF and Ethiopian Federal government.  

And now, given that Ethiopia is on the climax of the quest for access to the sea, which is an internationally acknowledged right, Alex de Waal started to beat the war drum in Horn of African region.

De Waal's article emphasized unfounded claim that Ethiopia is ready to launch a large-scale offensive against neighboring countries, stating "Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed eyes Red Sea port, inflaming tensions."

Once again, before the ink on the Pretoria peace agreement has fully dried, People like de Waal are trying at their utmost to nitpick and twist words of peace from Ethiopia and its leaders for their diabolic interest.

As usual, de Waal is purposefully bringing agenda to a western media, which is first phase act of triggering war between two entities or states, though Ethiopia the fact that has zero interest being a source of tensions in the region.

The author states that "Ethiopia is abuzz with rumors of a new war with its neighbor,” a statement with which BBC- a western media of nonstop biased reports when it comes to African matters- showed agreement and published.

This statement was written quoting “rumors” as evidence which doesn't even fit the standard of a given international western media like BBC.

It's then crystal clear that his remarks are depictions of irreverence to the people in the Horn and in Ethiopia and Eritrea in Particular.  

Ethiopia has mentioned several times that it has no interest to incite war to fulfill its national interest including access to the sea.

Recently, during the 116th anniversary of the Ethiopian Army Day in Addis Ababa, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said "Ethiopia has never invaded any country and will not do so in the future. Ethiopia has zero interest to launch an offensive to access sea outlet" mentioning some groups are interpreting Ethiopia's interest wrongly.

It is after such reiterations of commitment from the Ethiopian side and with his ungrounded claim that Alex de Waal is fiendishly attempting to destabilize the region.  




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