Ethiopia: UNESCO’s Inscription of Bale Mountains National Park Contributes to Tourism Economy

2 Mons Ago
Ethiopia: UNESCO’s Inscription of Bale Mountains National Park Contributes to Tourism Economy


Ethiopian Tourism Ministry along with stakes has celebrated the inscription of Bale Mountains National Park on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in Bale Robe town at the presence of high level Federal and Regional authorities.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister of Tourism Amb. Nasise Chali congratulated all Ethiopians for the contribution made to the world heritage list, and she noted the inscription of Bale Mountains National Park would open a new chapter for boosting the untapped tourism potential of the country.

The Minister said Bale Mountains National Park features volcanic peaks and ridges, spectacular escarpments, sweeping valleys, glacial lakes, lush forests, deep gorges and numerous waterfalls, making the park one of the world’s must watch, exceptionally breathtaking natural attractions.  

She called up on local people and scouts to further nurture and develop the park for harnessing the tourism resource.

Amb. Nasise also mentioned the incumbent has rendered potential attention for the development of the tourism sector and she called up on all sector offices and stakeholders to further engage in promoting Ethiopia's tourism sector which would definitely boost Ethiopia's green economy.

Robe City Mayor, Nigatu Motuma, on his part said he is thrilled by the decision of UNESCO to inscribe Bale Mountains National Park, and he expressed gratitude for those contributing to the success.  

Since Bale is one of Ethiopia’s top tourist destinations which has sites like Sof-Umer cave, Dinsho Park and Dire Sheik Hussein, and given the number of both local and global tourist influx to the area, it would be quite gainful for hospitality sector investors to invest in Bale, the mayor said.  

Bale Mountains National Park protects a landscape mosaic of extraordinary beauty that is shaped by the combined forces of ancient lava outpourings, glaciation and the dissection by the Great Rift Valley.

The property harbours diverse and unique biodiversity of ecosystem, species and genetic levels, and five major rivers originate within the Park, estimated to supply water and support the livelihoods of millions of people in and beyond Ethiopia.

UNESCO registered Bale Mountains National Park early this September 2023 as Tangible Heritage of the World.






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