Board of Inquiry, General Command Discuss Situation in Amhara

62 Days Ago
Board of Inquiry, General Command Discuss Situation in Amhara

Following the extension of the state of emergency declared in the State of Amhara, the Board of Inquiry on the implementation of the state of emergency thrashed out details with the General Command of State of Emergency regarding the measures to be taken to further pacify the region.

In early February, Ethiopian lawmakers passed a nearly unanimous decision to extend the state of emergency first declared in August 2023. Although the state of emergency is technically restricted to the Amhara State, it grants the federal government the right to exercise emergency powers wherever it sees fit in the country.

The implementation of the recommendations forwarded to the Command, the prevailing situation in the State after the extension of the decree, especially the prevention of human rights violations and other related issues were tabled for discussion.

It was indicated that the restive region has for some time in the recent past been enjoying relative calm and peace thanks to the relentless efforts by the Command Post and the public.

The Board has been overseeing the implementation of normalizing the state for the past six months.

The General Command for its part presented in detail measures taken to restore peace as well as remaining tasks in the effort to bring the region to its former normalcy.//