“ Ethiopia Broadcasting Corporation

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation is a leading Public media company with extensive access to programming and news content covering a wide range of social, political and economic issues. EBC has been the longest-running and long-standing public media outlet on radio since 1957. During these long years, it is the only media that has managed to organize historical events on a variety of political, economic, social, cultural, art, and cultural occasions, both nationally and internationally. 

The corporation has been able to produce professionals who will always be remembered in by the public during these long years. Through the development of professionals, the corporation has also made significant contributions to the newly formed private and regional media organizations in addition to itself. 

In connection with the use of technology, it owns and maintains the most historic forms of television and radio technologies. The EBC is unparalleled in the accumulation of visual and audio resources of various technologies. 

As a national media institution, EBC has taken social responsibility as a priority and broadcast messages to the public through various channels. Through its program content and presentation, the corporation has identified and redefined existing channels, including new channels, to provide a better option for its audience. As a result, the ETV News Channel will host a 24-hour newscast, news program and documentary using its more than 74 terrestrial transmitters including satellite. At the same time, the ETV Entertainment Channel is a channel where only entertainment, children and sports are offered. The ETV languages  channel is a channel that highlights news and programs in a variety of domestic and foreign languages. ETV languages offers a variety of programs including Oromifa, Tigrigna, Afarigna, Somaligna, English, French, Arabic and sign language news. ETV Sports TV is another sports channel that hosts a variety of international sports events in terrestrial coverage. 

Radio Ethiopia is the most popular "Ethiopian Radio", which is tuned to mid-end and mid-air using more than 11 Medium wave transmitters and more than 15 FM transmitters  throughout the country. Ethiopian Radio is a radio channel in which a variety of local languages are available to its listeners, including Amharic. One of the first and foremost in the country's history, "FM 97.1", is the only live 24-hour service for listeners in Addis Ababa and its surroundings. 

Likewise, Addis Ababa as the seat of the African Union, international organizations, and the diplomatic corps, FM 104.7 radio station is established to host these communities. It is available in French, English and Arabic. New Media is another of the EBC's alternative media outlets. In addition to its Website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages reach its audience and viewers. Thus, organizations wishing to work with the EBC can be hosted by the media channel of their choice depending on the message they want to convey and agenda they want to shape. 

In general, our corporation is offering a variety of programs by expanding existing media options in order to satisfy the needs of the audiences.

1. Corporate access/distribution coverage

EBC is a media outlet that has wide reach both inside and outside the country. Beyond the satellite dish community, the reach is estimated to be 42%, and EBC is the only organization that can reach the non-dish community. Similarly, radio broadcasts can reach radio listeners across Ethiopia. The EBC is a major media option, especially for the rural population of all parts of Ethiopia.              

In addition, FM 97.1 and FM104.7 is a distribution network in Addis Ababa and its surrounding areas and in various cities of the country. In addition to its in-country coverage, EBC is also accessible by various satellite options in different parts of the world. The satellite TV options like Hotbird, Galaxy, Eutelsat, DSTV are available in the United States (including cable TV), Europe, the Middle East, and Central and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

2. Institutional Organizations and Existence of Experts

The former Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency has been promoted to its present corporation, published in the Newspaper Gazette No. 858/2006. It was named Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation. At the headquarters level, the corporation comprises five broad sections: Television, Radio, Technology, Training and Research, and Administration, with 91 TV, 10 medium wave Radio and 17 FM branch stations.

 EBC has more than 2,200 permanent staff at the Head Office and its regional branches across the country, with more than 439 undergraduates and 63 graduates studying journalism and other related fields, primarily serving the content sector. It is also a leading institution with a wide range of influential journalists, producing a variety of influential news, programs and documentaries.         

At the same time, it have professionals in the fields of electrical engineering, information technology, computer science and other sectors, who have support in the technology sector, and have extensive experience in the media industry. It has camera, editing, and graphics professionals who are trained in a variety of technologies, from recording to editing and broadcasting, have long-term media experience, are ethically motivated and can handle their responsibilities under any circumstances. 

3. Technological Capacity

The corporation is the current owner of the modern technology machinery, and is the media that provides the service to its target audience by using radio and television studios, broadcasting equipment; archive organizing, video camera, editing machines, etc.

        3.1. Studio organization

    • It has seven TV studios broadcasting in HD and SD format, including branches. Three of these studios have a semi-interactive video wall with two HD and one SD TV studios, while the remaining four  studios are capable of HD recording and broadcasting.
    • It has six radio studios, three of which are organized by digital technology and three uses analog.
    • In addition, EBC has two OB vans that work in HD format, and have four TV studios for field recording and broadcasting, which have a Digital Satellite News Gathering system that allows transmission  of  live camera recordings from multiple locations. All are capable of broadcasting and recording services in HD and SD format. And nine Digital Mobile News Gathering, which allows for direct reporting on 3G and 4G digital mobile networks.

3.2. EBC is a user of the tapeless work flow system that links all parts of the editorial work. There is a networking system that connects the editing room, newsroom, image and sound collection department and studios.

3.3. It has a capacity of 720 TB deep archive, where you can save daily tasks. It is also the owner of a deep archive of 520 TB, which stores content that should be a permanent source of national wealth.                  

3.4. Editing System

The corporation has an Edis and a radio-based audio system for video editing. 

3.6. Distribution Station

The corporation has a total of 110 TV broadcasting stations and 9 medium wave and 17 FM radio stations in various parts of the country, with 20 Very High Frequency and 90 Ultra High Frequency. These studios with 90 transmitters, in particular, are fully digital, with one transmitter configured to broadcast up to 22 TV channels.

3.7. Recording Equipment

For over 83 years, EBC has gone through various radio recording technologies: from the Nagira tape weighing 20 kg; from Auer, Maranthiz Dat technology, to a pocket-sized digital tape recorder. At the same time, the TV also owns several of the most modern cameras in the world, including several HD and Memory Cards.

 4.  Services provided by the Corporation

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation is known as a public institution for its content which enables it to carry out its mission of informing, entertaining and educating. The following activities enable it to collect revenue in accordance with the powers conferred on it by the proclamation to carry out its duties effectively and efficiently: 

  • To give services to organizations and individuals who want to advertise their products and services on the radio and television broadcasts;
  • To give services to organizations and individuals who want to advertise their products and services through sponsorship of TV and radio programs;
  • To broadcast various organizations activities in regular programs and documentaries on radio and television, which outline the mission of their respective agencies;
  • To perform corporate events, seminars and conferences, trade shows, sports events, exhibitions, corporate celebrations, launch of new products, shareholder meetings and more;
  • To provide live streaming services to organizations interested in broadcasting live events on our various radio and television channels;
  • To work in a variety of options if both the private and public enterprises are interested in doing advertising production;
  • To provide short term training courses for journalists and technical professionals to various broadcast media;
  • The sale of visual and audio assets from the time of its establishment. 

5. Capacities to which the corporation identifies

  • Our Corporation has the long-standing experience of radio and TV and the nation's profile media;
  • The corporation owns four TV and three radio channels in the country and is the most competitive with satellite transmitter on satellite and can be viewed and heard worldwide;
  • EBC is the most powerful media in the country's media industry in human resources, technology, finance;
  • In the country’s media industry, EBC is the only broadcast media which transmits multiple broadcasts simultaneously from different locations.