“ID4AFRICA AGM 2024” conference pigeonholed Ethiopia to host ID4AFRICA AGM 2025” in Addis Ababa

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“ID4AFRICA AGM 2024” conference pigeonholed Ethiopia to host ID4AFRICA AGM 2025” in Addis Ababa

By Kassahun Chanie

The “ID4AFRICA Augmented General Meeting 2025” conference has labeled Ethiopia as its host nation, according to the Ethiopian Embassy in South Africa.

ID4Africa, a Pan-African Movement founded in 2014, is the sole organization working to support African countries in strengthening their strategic ability to create resilient and accountable identity ecosystems for development and humanitarian relief efforts. To understand and identify Africa's identity priorities and to bring together the experiences and expertise of the global stakeholder community to generate reliable knowledge that addresses these priorities and responds to the particular contexts that shape them, this is being accomplished through ongoing grassroots engagement with its 48 African member countries. In this role, ID4Africa contributes to the worldwide conversation on digital identification and is regarded as a thought leader in the sector.

Cognizant of the fact that today, the chairman of D4AFRICA, Joseph J. Hattick (PhD) announced that Ethiopia has been chosen to host the conference at the organization’s “ID4AFRICA 2024” conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Attending the conference and speaking at the chairman’s invitation, Ethiopia’s Ambassador Muktar Kedir (PhD) reaffirmed Ethiopia's commitment to hosting the event and its readiness for it.

The election, the Ambassador continued, is recognition of Ethiopia’s achievements and efforts with particular emphasis on the creation and deployment of digital infrastructure, which forms the cornerstone for enabling and realizing universal development, including the field of digital identity.

“The organization has granted us the opportunity to serve as the host nation by recognizing our nation's achievements in the field and having confidence in both our government and nation. This gives our nation and its citizen’s immense pride and happiness. Thank you to the leaders of ID4AFRICA on behalf of the government and the people of Ethiopia. To guarantee the success of the conference, the government will provide the support and cooperation needed. To ensure their successful participation as usual, I would like to extend an invitation to all African states to attend the upcoming meeting in Addis Ababa, which is your chosen host nation,” Ethiopia’s Ambassador Muktar Kedir underscored.

Members of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia House of People's Representatives who are attending the conference, as well as Yodahe Aryaselasse, Director General of the National Identity Project Office with the Office of the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, cheered and conveyed their happiness at being chosen to host the conference.

The Ethiopian Embassy in South Africa would like to state once more how thrilled it is that Ethiopia has been approved to host the conference for the organization in 2025.