Ethio-Saudi Arabia Joint Minstrial Commission Meeting Underway.

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Ethio-Saudi Arabia Joint Minstrial Commission Meeting Underway.

 By Hikma Temam

The 6th Ethio-Saudi Arabia joint Ministerial Meeting is underway in Ryad, Saudi Arabia. It aims to boost cooperation in peace and security, trade and investment, agriculture among others.


A delegation led by Ethiopia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Taye Atske-selassie, took part  in the 6th Ethio-Saudi Joint Ministerial Commission in Riyadh from 21-22 of May 2024.


With a long term diplomatic relationship, Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia have been working together in the fields of politics, security, investment, trade and tourism.


During the joint ministerial meeting, they consulted on the possibility of continuing and strengthening collaboration.


A memorandum of agreement was signed to further enhance trade, investment, livestock, agriculture, infrastructure and energy, minerals, peace and security.


As per the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ambassador engaged in a consultation with the Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture of Saudi Arabia, in the areas of trade and investment in livestock development, on the sideline of Joint Ministerial Commission’s Meeting.