Sweden Pledges to Support Ethiopia, Enhance Mutual Cooperation.

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Sweden Pledges to Support Ethiopia, Enhance Mutual Cooperation.

By Goshu Melisew


Ethiopia and Sweden have enjoyed 70 years of bilateral relations and development cooperation. A panel discussion, under the title 'Ethio-Swedish Solidarity,' was held at Addis Ababa University, Institute of Ethiopian Studies, with the aim of initiating conversations about the solidarity between Sweden and Ethiopia in the past, present, and what the near future may bring.

Talking to EBC World Swedish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Hans Heneric, underscored that Ethiopia is a very important country in the of Africa region.

He pledged that his nation will continue supporting Ethiopia and developing mutual cooperation in multifaceted areas.


“Ethiopia is very important country in the region. Ethiopia’s s stability is not only crucial for Ethiopia itself but also for the broader stability of the Horn of Africa. Sweden recognizes the significance of Ethiopia and remains committed to supporting its development across various sectors. We are dedicated to fostering mutual cooperation and enhancing bilateral relations through engagement in multilateral forums and international organizations. In today's polarized world, multi-lateralism is essential for addressing global crises, and African nations have the potential to play a significant role in shaping and reforming the multilateral system," Ambassador Heneric said.

The Ambassador indicated that Sweden has put in place a broad development program, particularly in trade investment. “We have about thirty Swedish companies operating in Ethiopia’’, he stated.

Hans elaborated that his country is fully backing Ethiopia's forthcoming transitional justice, national dialogue, and the implementation of the Pretoria peace pact.

Ambassador Hans stressed that Swedish government prioritizes more on trade because economic development is crucial to potential conflicts. “The partnership with Ethiopia or African countries is very important because we share many values. From the Swedish government side, our priority is to focus on trade and investment because we believe that economic development will also prevent future conflict.”


Panelists who have received scholarships and studied in Sweden stated that Sweden is a key development partner for Ethiopia. Since initiating bilateral ties with Ethiopia, Sweden has constructed over six thousand schools, improved primary healthcare facilities, and provided experts for agricultural development, they noted.

They also underlined that Ethiopia should learn the agricultural transformation from Sweden to extricate from poverty and food self-sufficient.//