Forums Underway on the Sideline of Stride Ethiopia Expo 2024

22 Days Ago 155
Forums Underway on the Sideline of Stride Ethiopia Expo 2024

By Hikma Temam

The Stride Ethiopia 2024 Annual expo is open to the public for the coming couple of days as various forums are taking place. Panel discussion focused on the International experiences of the National effort in terms of transferring technology and introducing it to the market was held.

 Prof. Daniel Ketawu, presented the experiences of developed countries in terms of transferring technology and venturing it to the market, in a bid to the challenges. In his article Professor Daniel said “As we are in a world where competition is wide, we need to see the competition, the change, the need and establish the procedures that allow us to be competitive.”

 The usage of technology takes time before playing crucial role in the economy, thus the country need to give due consideration to coordination of infrastructure, human resource development and financial provision, as per the professor.

 State Minister of Innovation and Technology Baysa Bedada (Dr.) on his part implied to the country’s effort to make technology transfer effective, referring the tangible results recorded in the last few years.

Dr. Shumeta Gizaw, underscored the institutions responsibility in achieving the desired outcome in the technology. As per the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, private sectors should strive to become competitive globally.