Prosperity Party Executive Committee has assessed the level of peace, puts directions in Amhara region: Arega Kebede, President of Amhara Regional State.

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Prosperity Party Executive Committee has assessed the level of peace, puts directions in Amhara region: Arega Kebede, President of Amhara Regional State.

By Kassahun Chanie

The President of the Amhara Regional State disclosed that the Prosperity Party executive committee had a detailed and extremely fruitful discussion about the security and peace conditions in the region.

President Arega went on to say that a great deal of work has been done to reorganize the region’s organizational structure and to reaffirm the government’s ability to carry out its regular range of developmental initiatives, with the growing endeavors of the Amhara people working hand in glove.

Arega emphasized that political work has been done to help the public grasp the problem’s root cause and its outcome, particularly so that the political elites can comprehend the issue.

He reiterated that his government had made far too many great efforts to inform the public about what was happening and that the democratically elected government was the only one with the power to uphold peace and security and enforce the law at all times also accentuating that everyone in the public, starting with the local political leadership, has received law enforcement trainings.

Looking into the subject further, President Arega has determined that to expedite the rapidly accelerating developmental reforms in the region, the Prosperity Executive Committee has positively assessed his government’s all-weather initiatives.

He mentioned how the instability in the region was the primary cause of the disruption of agricultural activity, revealing that the security situation prevented the farmers from concentrating on their usual tasks.

“Over 8.5 million quintals of fertilizer have been given to the region by the government, and attempts are being made to distribute them by the schedule set out for the region’s various zones. The extreme forces have shattered the calm by impeding development, deterring investors from investing in the region, and the absence of keeping people who are employed there. Consequently, the region has not been able to advance various developmental initiatives at the same rate. The region has had numerous problematic issues. However, things are looking up for us now that people recognize the need for peace. The extremist group is a thief and a threat to peace across the region,” Arega underscored.

According to him, there is a great deal of hope that the populace would work with the government to maintain regional peace and promote development.

“At the moment, the leadership has realized that the region is in a favorable condition to enter into the development work where the benefit of the society is assured as well as the security and lasting peace. Both the government structure and society should learn from past mistakes and focus on development activities,” the President stated.

Generally speaking, the Federal government and the Regional government recognize that there are people in the public who desire long-lasting peace in the nation and the region, Arega said. As per the President, as such, it ought to be required to carry out initiatives that will directly benefit the citizens of the nation and the region by resolving conflicts amicably and through dialogue