China to Provide Treatment to Ethiopian Eye Patients

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China to Provide Treatment to Ethiopian Eye Patients

Known as the Bright Journey Project, an initiative with the potential to have a significant impact on the health sector, culminated in the signing of an agreement between the governments of Ethiopia and China.

The agreement will allow Ethiopian eye patients to access healthcare promptly.

Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Zhao Zhinyuan, and Health Minister, Mekides Daba (MD) signed the project's launch agreement at the Ministry’s headquarters. The Bright Journey Project is claimed to be vital to further enable many Ethiopians with eye illnesses to access medical care.

The Ministry of Health disclosed that the 500 eye patients will receive eye surgery in the first round of the Bright Journey project, adding that  training in the basis of ophthalmology will also be offered to professionals.

Ambassador Zhinyuan stipulated at the launch that the project would go forward and broaden its scope. He also mentioned that his country will supply Ethiopia with 21,000 doses of the cholera vaccine in the initial round, which will primarily shield Ethiopian children from picking up the disease.


The Chinese government is planning to open three more medical facilities in Ethiopia shortly, according to Ambassador Zhinyuan, and these initiatives will be crucial to strengthening the two countries' all-weather alliances.

Minister Daba expressed gratitude to the Chinese government for its firm commitment to modernizing and supporting her ministry. //