Ethiopian Start-up Exhibition Inaugurated at the Science Museum

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Ethiopian Start-up Exhibition Inaugurated at the Science Museum

In a significant event, the Ethiopian Start-up Exhibition was inaugurated at the Science Museum in the presence of high-ranking government officials.

The exhibition was opened by the Minister of Labor and Skills, Muferiat Kamil, the Minister of Innovation and Technology, Belete Molla (Dr.), the Minister of Industry, Melaku Alebel, and other senior government officials.

The exhibition is set to feature first-generation, advanced, and market-ready start-up entrepreneurs from various sectors, including information technology, agriculture, health, education, energy, industry, finance, and others.

It is reported that over 500 start-ups will showcase their products and innovations during the exhibition, which will run from April 08 to April 28, 2024.

Last week, a discussion focused on the current status of the start-up ecosystem in Ethiopia, the challenges they face, and the potential avenues for growth was held at the Science Museum, underscoring the government's commitment to nurturing and supporting the country's burgeoning entrepreneurial landscape.