Ethiopian Military Revamped to Uphold Nation's Unity and Greatness

2 Mons Ago 552
Ethiopian Military Revamped to Uphold Nation's Unity and Greatness

The Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, Field Marshal Birhanu Jula, announced that the military has been restructured to uphold Ethiopia's unity and greatness.

The Defense Forces War College of Ethiopia today graduated general officers and senior commanders who underwent various short-term training courses.  

As stated by Field Marshal Birhanu Jula, reform measures have been implemented to enable the military to uphold Ethiopia's greatness. After the reforms, efforts have been made to build a courageous military that does not compromise the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia.

"Warfare is a science; it requires understanding regional and global issues," said Field Marshal Birhanu. He stressed that focused efforts are underway to build a capable military that can effectively fulfill the country's responsibilities.

The military leaders who graduated must put their acquired knowledge into practice to safeguard Ethiopia's national interests, he added.

Field Marshal Birhanu also stated that efforts to strengthen colleges, training, and education centers that enhance the military's capabilities will be intensified.