Ethiopia Authorizes a Tariff List of 6,000 Goods for AfCFTA

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Ethiopia Authorizes a Tariff List of 6,000 Goods for AfCFTA

Ethiopia authorized a tariff list of 6,000 goods under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

While making the announcement, the Ministry of Trade & Regional Integration also disclosed that Ethiopia has made the necessary preliminary preparations and is mapping out a strategy for the implementation of the agreement.

Gebremeskel Chala, who sits at the top of the Ministry, told FBC that Ethiopia, like other African countries that have started the trading pilot phase, adding that a strategy to for the next phase of pilot exchanges with selected countries is in the pipeline.

It was indicated that the tariff of the 6,000 goods and the list of tariff status of 90% of income and expenditure products has been made over.

On the other hand, according to the policies of each country, Ethiopia has submitted and approved a list of 7% of products that cannot be quickly exempted from tariffs.

When fully implemented, the AfCFTA will serve as the largest free trade area in the globe, helping a speedy translation of the grand African Union Agenda 2063 into action.//