Ethiopia Says Bilateral Relations with AU Member States Rising

2 Mons Ago
Ethiopia Says Bilateral Relations with AU Member States Rising


Ethiopia says it has undertaken, together with other AU member states, various works that cement bilateral ties with many nations.    

The country’s Foreign Affairs Spokesperson mentioned Thursday that Ethiopia and Kenya, for example, have cooperation agreements in seven key areas including tourism, culture, and sports.

According to Spokesperson Amb. Meles, Kenya and Ethiopia have a long-standing historical relationship that is built on collaboration rather than competition. He emphasized that this unwavering friendship between Ethiopia and Kenya does not sway as regimes change.

The Memoranda of Understanding inked during this week's Ethio-Kenya Joint Ministerial Commission meeting will serve as an example of the two countries' growing desire to fortify their already strong relations, the ambassador said.

Regarding that, the ambassador expressed gratitude for Kenya's Government's decision to stop charging Ethiopian nationals for Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

The ambassador clarifies that while Ethiopians won't have to pay for their visas or any other associated fees, they still need to fill out an online Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) form before their arrival.

Ethiopia has also inked a number of agreements with Angola and South Africa, which will improve their relations and allow for political discussion, he said.

The agreement, according to the spokesperson can also enable Ethiopia and South Africa, nations with long shared history, to use their potential within the BRICS+ bloc.

Furthermore, Ambassador Meles mentioned that discussions were held with Zimbabwe, Libya, and other nations of the region that have pledged their strong commitment to bolstering Ethiopia's position as a global diplomatic seat.