Ethiopia, S. Korea Launch Techno Park

7 Mons Ago 453
Ethiopia, S. Korea Launch Techno Park
Photo: FBC

The governments of Ethiopia and S. Korea launched Saturday a textile techno park.

Addressing the launch event, Ethiopian State Minister for Industry, Hasen Mohammed said the two countries have shared friendly relations for decades.

He also pointed out that Republic of Korea has backing Ethiopia's development endeavors.

The country’s vast human resource and market demand, inadequate manufacturing industries, and Ethiopia’s strategic location have aggregately created conducive environment that make export-led manufacturers to take significant share of the African market, Hasen mentioned.   

He also hopes that well experienced and skilled S. Korean experts in technology, manufacturing industry, energy and infrastructure sector can help advance Ethiopian industrialization.

The Ethio-Korean Textile Techno Park, which is located at Bole Lemi Industry Zone, aims to  deliver advanced trainings and laboratory services to customers in the sector, FBC reported.