City Mayor Urges Ethiopia’s Transformation by leveraging Science, Technology and Innovation

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City Mayor Urges Ethiopia’s Transformation by leveraging Science, Technology and Innovation

By Kassahun Chanie

The Addis Ababa City Mayor,  Adanech Abiebie, along with the city’s high-level cabinet, and various guests opened the 9th city-wide exhibition of science, technology and innovation at the Friendship Square, in the Capital today.

In her remarks, Mayor Adanech emphasized the importance of science, technology, and innovation for Ethiopia's structural transformation and global prosperity. She stated that the country demands a lot of innovations aimed at solving problems and that a generation that is not only an analyst but also capable of taking action is paramount.

“We kicked off the ninth science and innovation fair for youngsters throughout the city. It has dawned on us that the work we are doing is creating a generation of problem solvers who can apply what they have learnt and change Addis Ababa. A city that is lively and welcoming, one that will raise a generation, bring about intelligent young people who aspire to growth and prosperity for all, and develop into a city emblematic of the prosperity of our country, spurred on by the artistic endeavors of the students we witnessed at the fair today,” the Mayor accentuated.

Adanech added that her city administration will fulfill its unavoidable duty by helping deserving students who are banding together more than ever in this regard.

Under the theme "A generation developed through creativity for universal growth and prosperity," the Addis Ababa City Administration Education Bureau has been staging the fair at Friendship Park for the 2016 E.C. school year.

At the expo, the Addis Ababa Communication Bureau declared that over 22,000 students from public and private Addis Ababa primary and secondary schools—including two renowned boarding schools—attended the fair and took part in a variety of programs.

This three-day event, aims to employ innovation and technology to accelerate Ethiopia's structural reform and promote prosperity for all. A research symposium, a creativity competition, and other events run by teachers and learners are just a few of several instances scheduled.