Mayor Adanech Abiebie, Senior Official’s Review Corridor Development Works Underway across Addis Ababa.

25 Days Ago 676
Mayor Adanech Abiebie, Senior Official’s Review Corridor Development Works Underway across Addis Ababa.

By Kassahun Chanie

To expedite the process and modernize the Capital City on time, Mayor Adanech Abiebie of the Addis Ababa City Administration revealed that she and other senior officials had visited the corridor development sweeping reform of the metropolis.

On her social media page, Mayor Adanech said that the City had wrapped up certain roads (apart from minor repairs) and they are now operational, as per her commitment to the general residents of the capital.

“They will be working all week to finish the remaining tasks by the deadline, which is from Tewodros Square to Adwa Victory Memorial, from Degole to Keye Bahir Condominium, from Arat Kilo to St. Mary’s Crossing Roads, and from Mexico Square to Sarbet. In this regard, I would like to express my gratitude to every one of the project workers, engineers, experts, consultants, managers at all levels, security personnel, and city residents for their assistance and cooperation. Over 48 km of vehicle road development, 4 underground pedestrian walkways, 96 km of broad pedestrian and 100 km of bicycle paths, 5 km of jogging track, 48 bus and taxi terminals, and loading and unloading zones are all part of the corridor development work that would help with transportation services. 70 public parks are presently being built, adding to the city’s future beauty, out of a total of over 240 km of roads and associated infrastructure. Fountains and green spaces, recreation and parks, children’s playgrounds and public plazas, 120 public toilets, sewers that will raise the level of the city’s municipal services, security cameras that fit our city, the work of determining a modern transportation system underground, renovating more than 400 buildings and fitting the city’s standards. And also works on painting, lighting, and numerous other projects are underway,” Adanech emphasized.

According to Adanech, once the construction has wrapped up, Addis Ababa will have a bigger part in realizing the goal of becoming a popular tourist destination that lives up to its name - that is, A BEAUTIFUL, BLOSSOMING CITY that is convenient for its citizens and a growing international center of gravity.