International Mother Tongue Day Marked

1 Mon Ago
International Mother Tongue Day Marked

By Goshu Melisew


Bangladeshi Ambassador to Ethiopia says nurturing mother tongue is essential to enhance social cohesion among various communities.

Sikder Bodiruzzaman was addressing a huge gathering here at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, which in partnership with Bangladeshi Embassy have celebrated the international Mother tongue day.

The theme selected for this year is multilingual education: a pillar of learning and inter-generational learning.

February 21 was declared to be International Mother Language Day by UNESCO on 17th November, 1999.

The Armenian Ambassador to Ethiopia for his part emphasized the role of multilingualism in fostering inclusivity, preserving culture, and promoting sustainable development.

The event showcased various cultural performances, language workshops aimed at raising awareness about the importance of multilingualism and linguistic rights.

Representatives from diverse linguistic backgrounds shared their experiences and perspectives on the profound impact of mother tongue preservation on individual and societal well-being.//