Ethiopia Leverages Dorale Multi-Purpose Port for Importing, Exporting 95% of Commodities: Captain Mesfin Alemu.

2 Mons Ago
Ethiopia Leverages Dorale Multi-Purpose Port for Importing, Exporting 95% of Commodities: Captain Mesfin Alemu.

By Kassahun Chanie.

Currently, the government comprehends the multifaceted potential of the livestock sector, recognizing its ability not only to generate foreign exchange but also to bolster food security, alleviate poverty, and facilitate the export of high-value goods. Talks emphasizing the need for intensified efforts and collaboration to ensure the seamless transportation of bulk cargo were also conducted, reflecting Ethiopia's ambitious plans to import significant quantities of fertilizer.

A crucial initiative to address the challenges of ensuring prompt and secure delivery while enabling direct exports without additional certification in Djibouti is the establishment of a livestock resting facility. This facility promises to alleviate logistical hurdles, facilitating smoother trade operations for the nation.

In an exclusive interview with EBC, Ethiopian Captain Mesfin Alemu shed light on Ethiopia's extensive reliance on its five docks in Djibouti for importing and exporting 95% of its commodities. Among these dockyards, the Dorale Multi-Purpose Port stands out as a pivotal hub.

Captain Mesfin elaborated on the significance of the Dorale Multi-Purpose Port (DMP), emphasizing its efficient multipurpose service model designed to accommodate diverse cargo needs. He highlighted the port's pivotal role in facilitating the transportation of various commodities, including fertilizers, metals for construction, and RORO cars, underscoring Ethiopia's robust maritime activities.

During EBC's field visit, the relentless operational activities of ships like Gibe, Semera, and Abbay II were observed, highlighting their pivotal role in sustaining Ethiopia's import-export ecosystem. Captain Mesfin particularly emphasized the remarkable capacity and significance of the Abbay II ship, a testament to Ethiopia's maritime prowess.

Mesfin highlighted Ethiopia's ownership of ten ships and the employment of over 600 skilled seaport personnel, yet acknowledged the inadequacy of these resources for a nation with a rapidly expanding economy and population. Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics is actively striving to double the country's seaport ship count to meet burgeoning demands efficiently.

Furthermore, the inauguration of the Dorale Multi-Purpose Port in January 2021 marked a significant milestone in Ethiopia's maritime endeavors, symbolizing the strengthened collaboration between Ethiopia and Djibouti in bolstering regional trade and connectivity. Mesfin underscored the government's proactive role in addressing logistical challenges and ensuring the smooth operation of maritime activities.

Ethiopia's strategic focus on enhancing its maritime infrastructure and logistics underscores its commitment to fostering economic growth, ensuring food security, and advancing regional trade integration. Through collaborative efforts and sustained investments, Ethiopia aims to leverage its maritime assets to propel its development trajectory forward.