Iran: Ready to Share Scientific, Technological Achievements with Ethiopia, Djibouti, African Friends

2 Mons Ago
Iran: Ready to Share Scientific, Technological Achievements with Ethiopia, Djibouti, African Friends


Iran says it is ready to share its scientific and technological achievements with Ethiopia, Djibouti, and other African friends.

The statement came as Iranian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Samad Ali Lakizadeh addressed Monday the audience gathered to mark the 45th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran here in Addis.

“We are fully prepared to share our scientific and technological achievements and political and international successes with all friendly countries including to Ethiopia, Djibouti and to all the African continent both within the framework of the Union and the Commission as well as the bilateral cooperation and other platforms,” he said.

The ambassador, who said the Islamic Republic of Iran is the outcome of the uprising of Iranian people against western domination, stated that his country has been subject to all kinds of political pressures, economic sanctions, diplomatic restrictions and media propaganda by the western allies since the beginning of the victory of the revolution.  

Iran, however, has survived this and has greatly progressed in many fields, according to Amb. Lakizadeh.

“Our achievements in all military, scientific, technological, political and regional dimensions are proofs to these claims,” he said, illustrating this with the successful launch of the 3 Iran-made satellites to the 3 different level of space a month ago.

“Today, Iran, along with its remarkable achievement in advanced science and technology such as cyber, nano, bio, medicine, medical equipment, etc., has been a force of stability in the surrounding region due to its independent policy orientation. Iran's role in defeating the largest terrorist group, ISIS, has become clear to the world on the determination of Iran to eradicate the menace of terrorism.”

Ethiopian government officials, members of Addis-based diplomatic communities and academia were in attendance of the anniversary.

The anniversary marks the end of five decades of family rule in 1979 and 2,500 years of monarchy.