Rescue operation underway after landslide kills 50 in Addis Ababa

(EBC; March 13, 2017)- Ethiopian Government Communication Affairs Office said efforts are still underway to rescue victims of the rubbish landslide happened at Addis Ababa's vast dumping ground called ‘Koshe'.

According to the Office, Africa's first Repi waste-to-energy plant would serve as a mechanism to prevent potential deadly incidents at ‘koshe dumping ground' in Addis Ababa.

Government Communication Affairs Minister Dr. Negeri Lencheo told EBC that rescuers collaborating with the police and the community are handling the task in an organized manner.

The Minister has confirmed that 50 people have so far been killed due to the incident; and over 290 householders have been relocated from the area.

The site has been a dumping ground for Addis Ababa's rubbish for more than five decades.

Minister Dr. Negeri called on the community to cooperate with the government for the successful implementation of development programs in the area.

Reporter: Tibebu Yirdaw