Google: We should help remove hateful content

(EBC; December 29, 2016) - Matt Brittin, the head of Google's Europe, Middle East and Africa business has acknowledged that Google has a role to play in removing hateful or harmful content from the internet.

Reports earlier this year suggested Google's auto complete options were automatically loading offensive search terms, based on what people had been searching for online.

But Matt Brittin also defended the company's efforts to remove hateful and harmful content from the search engine, as well as its auto complete function, which has been accused of diverting people towards racist and other discriminatory search terms.

Mr Brittin told BBC Radio 4's Today programme the tool did help save time, adding: 'But it's algorithmic, and I think people understand that these are suggestions based on what other people are searching for.

He said they can't rely on algorithms to solve things but added that the company tries very hard to make sure the internet is a positive force for society.

Matt Brittin urged people to make their own judgements should they encounter unsavoury material online.

Source: BBC & Daily Mail