Ethiopia was successful on economic diplomacy last year: MoFA

(EBC; August 10, 2017) - They Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) says the past Ethiopian fiscal year has been rewarding in terms of the nation's economic diplomacy.

Meles Alem, spokesperson of the ministry, on Thursday briefed reporters on the ministry's performance over the recently concluded budget year.

Meles stated Ethiopia has managed to attract more than 80 international companies in the stated period which, he said, has also contributed enormously in terms of skills and technology transfer.

"We brought 84 transnational companies last year. These companies had huge impact on skills and technology transfer," the spokesperson noted.

According to the spokesperson, the country also obtained development fund worth over two billion USD from international financial institutes the government to implement a number of projects.

"Last Ethiopian fiscal year we created market opportunities for 122 local producers and exporters," Meles said.

"In terms of business linkage, we organized 31 business forums for six hundred local firms," he added.

Regarding undocumented Ethiopian workers still in Saudi Arabia, the spokesperson said the government has been working to repatriate them.

He urged the compatriots to return home before the end of the amnesty period.

Reporter: Sadat Mohammedsani