Ethiopia, Egypt to advance their cooperation on health

(EBC; July 21, 2017)- Egyptian Ambassador to Ethiopia highlighted his country and Ethiopia are strengthening their health cooperation from time to time.

The Ambassador Aboubakr Hefny along with Egyptian cardiovascular medical team held a press conference in Addis Ababa on Friday.

Egyptian Ambassador to Ethiopia said there are more health cooperation platforms undergoing between Ethiopia and Egypt.

Internationally renowned Cardiac Surgeon, Professor Madgy Yacoub and his medical team from the Aswan Heart Foundation are performing complicated cardiovascular surgeries in the Ethiopian Cardiac Center at Black Lion Hospital.

The team is working with the First Cardiac Center in Ethiopia which is especially committed to helping children with Cardiac problems.

The team is operating about an average of 12-15 patients per day and anticipates doing 50-75 surgeries during their five days stay.

Professor Madgy underlined that this cooperation is continual.

The partnership is part of the long term cooperation with the Ethiopian Cardiac Center and the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for development.

Reporter: Meseret Tajebe