Dr. Workneh confers with UN Assistant Secretary-General

(EBC; March 15, 2017) - Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu met with United Nations Assistance Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Mr.Taye Brook Zerihou on Wednesday.

Discussions focused on current regional issues and the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan as well as the African Union's priorities and what the United Nations can do in such regards.

The ASG reiterated United Nations' strong support for the peace and stability of the region with a special focus on the peace process in South Sudan, and thanked Ethiopia as well as IGAD and the leadership of its Chair.

He further called on IGAD to assign a special envoy to South Sudan in a bid to reinvigorate the peace process and achieve sustainable peace though the full implementation of the 2015 peace accord.

Dr. Workneh noted that "Ethiopia is fully aware of the fact that a problem in the region is a problem to Ethiopia since the very nature of many conflicts have significant spillover effects to scores of neighboring countries".

The Minister underlined Ethiopia's firm belief that sustainable peace in South Sudan can only be achieved through comprehensive and concerted efforts of all the stakeholders.

Accordingly, he said, "We have to be able to address the political, security and humanitarian crisis with the engagement of all stakeholders in South Sudan, IGAD, AU and UN."

With regard to naming an IGAD Special envoy for South Sudan, the Minister said that this was a work in progress and would be dealt with in the upcoming meeting of the IGAD Council.

Source: MoFA