Addis Ababa to be Africa's Science and Technology hub

(EBC; December 22, 2016)- The Ministry of Science and Technology said it has completed preparations to build African Science and Technology Hub in Addis Ababa.

Public Relation Director at the Ministry, Wondwosen Andualem told ENA that designing works have been completed to build the Hub.

He said the hub will have various units to maintain fast growth in the science and technology sector in the county.

Science and Technology Museum is one of the units of the Hub and it will display the historical background of architectural, arts of science and technology and different science and technology works in the country, he added.

In this regard, four incubator centers that have hi-tech laboratories that will facilitate research and creative works will built, he added.

The director said, 30,000 square meters of land was allotted by the government to build different complexes so that to carry out scientific researches and creative works.

Construction of the hub will begin next year and it is expected to be fully completed in five years, he added.